Bible Bugs

Who knew bugs could be so much fun? There are many interesting bugs found in the Bible. In this month’s study we will take a look at a few. Locusts are one of the ten plagues of Egypt. The Word of God is sweeter than the honey made by honey bees. An awkward caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly, which reminds us that we are new creatures in Christ. Ants are very small, yet they work hard and have helping hands. They store food. Christians should store the Word of God in their heart for a time of need. Continue reading

Love and Faithfulness


The words “love and faithfulness” are found in many Old Testament verses. They are also two fruit of the Spirit. As Moses learned, the Lord abounds in love and faithfulness. The Ten Commandments teach us how to love God and others. When the Israelites chose not to acknowledge God, there was no love or faithfulness in the land. Jesus is the only one who ever lived a perfect life of love. He loved Lazarus, Martha, and Mary as dear friends. It says in Galatians that “the only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.” Proclaim God’s love in the morning and His faithfulness at night! Continue reading

God’s Promises

God’s Promises are “yes” and “amen.”¬†Take a look at Genesis 12:2-3 where God promises Abraham seven things. God also promises Noah, his family, and all of creation that the earth will never be destroyed by a flood again. The rainbow reminds us of this promise. The birth of Jesus is the greatest promise ever fulfilled. We also see the promise of the Holy Spirit come to completion in Acts 2. God is faithful to do what He says. How has God been faithful to you?

Continue reading

Twelve Days of Christmas

This month we will learn about the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” It could be that Christians taught this song to children in England during a time when they couldn’t practice their faith openly. There was a hidden Bible meaning for each day in the song. For example, the first day represents Jesus; the second day represents the Old and New Testaments; and the third day represents faith, hope, and love. A one-act play called “The Twelve Days of Christmas” has been divided into four scenes. One scene may be performed each week in class. You may even want to perform the entire play in front of your church, depending on time and resources. Continue reading


Join us in a Thanksgiving journey as we learn about pilgrims, ships, and feasts. Christians are called “pilgrims” in the Bible since our true home is in heaven. Missionaries travel to places where they share the gospel. The Pilgrims who traveled to America were like missionaries since they shared their faith in the new world. The Native Americans helped the Pilgrims plant crops. They were all thankful for the harvest and celebrated with a delicious feast. Continue reading

Heroes of Faith

“Superheroes” are fictional characters, whereas the “heroes of faith” were real men and women of God. In this month’s curriculum we will take a look at four heroes of faith from the Bible: Noah, Abraham, Sarah, and Moses. We will then look at some of the similarities they have to fictional superheroes. You will need a couple of helper teachers to act out the characters. Put on your cape…or robe! It’s going to be an exciting adventure! Continue reading

Clothed In Christ

What comes to mind when you think of back to school fashions? In this month’s study we will learn how to be clothed in Christ. We will take a look at the compassion of Jesus when He healed the sick and provided food for the hungry. We will learn about the kindness and manners of people from the Victorian era. Pioneers had to blaze a new trail with great humility. Today we need gentleness and patience at school. The object lesson for week four incorporates a fashion show. Remember to put on your spiritual clothes each day! Continue reading

Armor of God

How can we be strong in the Lord? We can put on the full armor of God! During Bible times, a soldier’s belt kept his armor in place. The truth of God’s Word keeps our lives in place. The Word of God is also known as the sword of the Spirit. “Sword” has “word” in it! God protects our heart with the breastplate of righteousness and our mind with the helmet of salvation. Our feet should be ready to go wherever the Lord wants us to go. We need to remember to work together, especially through prayer. There is a fun craft and object lesson for the shield of faith which emphasizes this point. Continue reading


Ruth is Naomi’s daughter-in-law. They return to Bethlehem after their husbands pass away. Ruth is determined to stay with Naomi wherever she goes. Eventually Ruth gets a job gleaning in Boaz’s field. She finds much favor with him, and they get married and have a son named Obed. There are many fun activities and lessons within this study. The most important lesson, however, is that Jesus is our Kinsman-Redeemer! Continue reading